Summer parties, portfolios, and post its!

Hey there, reader!
Looks like I've done it again. I've gotten really good at these semester-ly posts...
Here's a quick summary of this past semester in bullet points:
  • Classes: Mechanics of Solids and Structures, Partial Differential Equations, Olin Self Study in Design + Marketing, Materials Science (Read: one of my most intense and fun semesters yet!)
  • Cool stop motion videos made about engineering and education: 1 [click here to watch]
  • Amount of sticky notes used: too many to count
  • Number of big snow storms: 3 (shoveled my car for the first time-here's an image of what I had to dig through =[)


  • Maximum concerts attended in a week: 2 (Imagine Dragons in Boston, Ingrid Michaelson in NYC!)
  • Graduation ceremonies attended: 1 (Really going to miss you, 2013)
Today marks 7 weeks until upper class students move in to the dorms (Thanks Brendan ('14) for the reminder)! Crazy, right? This summer is flying by-and I couldn't be more excited. Like last summer, I am in Wisconsin, working at GE Healthcare. Another Olin student, Chris ('14) is here as well, so it's nice to have a familiar face around. 
This past weekend, I attended my first summer party in Illinois! Here's a picture of all of us. We sure represented Olin well, with 7 out of the 12 graduating classes present! I really do love how Olin parties bring together current students and Alums-it's great to exchange stories of what used to be-and what still is- a part of Olin culture! If you have the chance, and are a part of the Olin community, I highly recommend attending at least one.
Now on to the present...It seems the big question I get when meeting new people (or seeing people for the first time in a while) is "What will you be doing after graduation?" I don't know how many ways I can tell people I don't know yet, so I've started making up answers that might be right. We'll see what this year brings! To help on this journey, I've been working on creating a digitized portfolio of my work to send to companies. Like a good Olin student, I've color coded and used post-its to help me think about what's really important for me to share with others.
I may blog about this process (possibly due to procrastination) in the near future.
I'm looking forward to what senior year will bring (and meeting all you 2017-ers!! Wow, I'm old.)
p.s. As always, for more timely updates during the academic year, follow my twitter @jordyn_olin14 
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