Summer Plans

In case you are wondering what Olin students do when they're not at Olin...

This summer I'm working for an air-conditioning company just north of Boston, in Woburn - which I have finally learned to call "Wue-burn" instead of "Woh-burn". It's a good group of people I'm working with and an interesting project, so I'm excited to see what will come of that.

I'm living in the city of Boston itself (the North End, to be precise), so one of my major plans for this summer is to spend a lot of time wandering Boston-I've already looked up the free days at various museums. I'd love some suggestions on other things to look for-what's your favorite thing in Boston?

This is my first experience of living in a real city, and I'm liking it so far. The bus stop is about an 8 minute walk from my apartment; Haymarket 5 minutes, and the library branch only three or four! A real grocery store is a bit more tricky, requiring a trip out to Somerville-as far as I can tell there is not "normal" supermarket within Boston's limits (although there is a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's, and CVS is okay for food).

I'll continue to be posting here throughout the summer, and I'd be happy to talk about any particular part of Olin life you're interested in-just let me know!

Pictures: Boston Commons, and the procession of St. Anthony

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