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Brittany L. Strachota

Facebook tells me that summer is coming to a close and friends are moving back to schools all over the country. The ones that always stand out, though, are those that mention Olin (duh). Many of my closest friends have been on campus for close to two weeks now, and the rest will be arriving in the next couple of days. I am not joining them's strange, certainly unsettling. Thankfully, I'll be couch surfing in East Hall for about a week and a half, beginning Saturday, before hopping across the pond for the semester. I'm glad to have that [brief] opportunity to meet the Class of 2015 (I'm coming for you guys...)!

Anyway, I have failed to keep you, my dear readers, abreast of the happenings of the summer. To make it up to you, I have compiled images from the entire summer (yes, the entire summer) to tell the story. Please enjoy!

Images are generally in chronological order (panoramas throw some things off). The giant caption is below. Sorry for making you scroll; hopefully, you find the photos worth a little work. An overview: dorms closed in mid-May, I went home for about a week, returned to Olin to work for the summer, then came home for three weeks. That should explain the geographical jumping about.

Protip: Click the thumbnail (yes that giant thing is merely a thumbnail) to open the full-size image in a new window.


Liz ('13) and I were picked up for public disturbance - only joking. We participated in a psychology study at Wellesley and were required to take photos with a neutral expression (or "base face", as Tom ('12) would say). Just one of many adventures...
Row 1 (left to right)
  1. Mom met me at school on the last day and we stayed in North Truro (on Cape Cod) for a few days. This is the beach right outside our rental place.
  2. Mini golf with Dad and brother at our favorite spot, Tee-Aire.
  3. First night back at Olin for the summer! Dinner on the grill.
  4. Our summer solstice feast.
Panorama 1
Watching the Brewers (...and Red Sox, I suppose) at Fenway Park..let's not talk about that one.
Row 3
  1. Jordyn ('14) and Liz dodging fire...
  2. Liz in a new thrift store hat at Revere Beach!
  3. Tau Day (6.28) fell on Tuna Tuesday, so we made our tuna melts festive.
  4. The snail I made at a conference for work. It retracted its head when the "salt shaker" was put in front of its face.
Panorama 2
Sailboats on the Charles from the MIT bridge.
Row 5
  1. Oliners will be Oliners...we returned to the dorms around 2:30am to find this in the lounge...
  2. Extreme Sailing Series in the harbor; these races were spectacular.
  3. Harborfest on July 2nd - dancing to a disco group.
  4. Harborfest on July 3rd - more free things plus Chowderfest! We sampled chowder from a handful of local restaurants and voted for our favorites.
Panorama 3
The Arnold Arboretum.
Row 7
  1. Boston Pops rehearsal on July 3rd. We watched the firing of the howitzers from "backstage" thanks to a[n incredibly] distant military contact.
  2. Boston's Independence Day spectacular as seen from a flotilla of canoes and kayaks on the Charles, approximately 1000 feet from the barge.
  3. Race Point Beach, near Provincetown, on July 9th.
  4. The Arnold Arboretum - celebrating Michael's ('13) birthday.
Panorama 4
Jumping ahead a bit here...Pewaukee Lake (a couple miles from my house) as seen just after sunrise.
Row 9
  1. Michael's "over-the-top" cake from his parents (all the way across the Atlantic!). Liz gets full credit for fetching it with finesse.
  2. Timmy's ('13) bunny, Tweed, in his harness and leash. Timmy's family had us over (he lives about an hour from Olin) for swimming, furry animals, and real food.
  3. Daytrip to Manhattan.
  4. Dale Chihuly's exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Olin students get free admission!
Panorama 5
Watching the Brewers again - this time home at Miller Park! We may talk about this game if you would like to.
Row 11
  1. With our newfound wealth from odd jobs (housesitting, babysitting, and ping pong table assembly), we acquired student rush tickets to the Blue Man Group show in Boston! I have a secret handshake with this guy.
  2. One final look at my room for the view on campus!
  3. The day I got home, I went to the state fair with Dad and my siblings. This was the best of a series of photos of the three of them in the goat area.
  4. A field right by my house at sunrise. Excellent bike ride!



To many of you, see you soon! To the rest, happy trails!


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