Sunshine, shorts, and barbecues.

I can't believe the weather right now. It was 85 yesterday. 85 EIGHTY-FIVE. IN MARCH. </mindblown>

It was a lot colder today - I don't think it got above 73. It meant the barbecue we had doubled as a space heater. But we've had two barbecues in two days, I can't complain.
The last two days have definitely been my favorite. I finished almost all of the work I needed to so there was a lot of just lying in the sun reading books, eating barbecues, riding my scooter around, and finally getting into Boston. But words don't convey sunshine, so let me just show you.
Thumbnail image for Photo Mar 22, 3 48 20 PM.jpg
Hmm, so warm. Hence the shirtless people everywhere.
Photo Mar 22, 4 44 58 PM.jpg
I don't even know what's going on here. 
Photo Mar 22, 4 45 07 PM.jpg
Charlie grilled us seem beef. Some of the most delicious food I've ever had.
And we finally got into Boston! I've been wanting to do this forever. Unfortunately the late barbecue meant I wasn't able to get any sunset shots of Boston but a) I still did some night photography and b) you can't really complain about lying around eating fresh barbecue in the sun whilst listening to Stan Getz.
Photo Mar 23, 6 15 39 PM.jpg
More lounging around. Because we can.
Photo Mar 23, 7 24 31 PM.jpg
Hmmm, fire...
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