That's a [semi] wrap!


Yesterday, I took a nap on a hammock.  It was 82 degrees outside.  One week before, it was 14 out, and I was bundled in my bed.  Pretty big change, if I do say so myself.  My third semester at Olin has come to a close, and now's the time to reflect, relax, and recuperate for the start of another [most likely] amazing semester! 

Finals period is an interesting time at Olin.  They take place the week following exams, with the first two days being a 'reading period' before the three days of finals.  The average Oliner has a somewhat even split between final exams and final projects.  As I think I've mentioned before, my semester had zero projects.  I had two big papers and two in-class final exams.  Because of this, my finals period wasn't too work heavy, but the week preceding it was not a bundle of joy.  Regardless, I made it!    

Students and faculty partake in a variety of activities to help reduce the stress levels seen across the campus. 

hoho_ping_pong.jpgAlison Wu and Professor Shan-Yuan Ho faced off in an epic table-tennis battle, pictured above.  What a great way to blow off some steam before taking the ProbStat final.  The Office of Student Life organizes formal study breaks throughout our reading period and the following three exam days.  One of the highlights of this time is Faculty Story time, in which Faculty/Staff members come, armed with stories, and read to us. 

gift_wrapping_patrick_and_rachel.jpgA lot of my finals period was filled with community-related activities!  Rachel, Kat [both '14], and I had auctioned gift wrapping in the SERV auction, and spent two hours surrounded by tape, paper, and fun music! We may have gone a bit crazy at some points... Rachel's holding up her handiwork, and Patrick ['14] kept us company.


For our final Friday SERVice activity of the year, SERV partnered with OCF [Olin Christian Fellowship].  For two weeks, nearly 1000 items of clothing were collected.  That Friday, we sorted the clothes based on the needs of the different facilities, and bagged them accordingly.  Brendan ['14] is hiding in about half of the bags produced by this service activity.

 That's a quick update on my semester!  I'm home for four more weeks, during which I'll hopefully explore more scholarship opportunities, and find a place to live for the summer!  To those of you finishing your applications, best of luck!  Try not to stress, and be yourself =].  Hope you all had a happy holidays, and have a great new year!

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