The Class of 2013 enters a fight to the death!

Brittany L. Strachota

Not really. But the Class of 2013 did have the chance to watch a fight to the death a few days ago.

Not really. But we did watch a theatrical fight to the death. Together!

Olin asks for a bit of money from students every semester (welcome to college, folks!), but student representatives always find a good way to strategically give it back. Each class has a fund to pull from throughout the year, and our reps thought the class might enjoy a ride on the Hunger Games bandwagon, and substantially subsidized the ride using class moolah. The result: a mental break on a Friday night, the ability to talk somewhat intelligently about current pop culture (reaching outside the Bubble, perhaps), and quite the car ride with some classmates.

Here's the group before heading out (photo graciously taken by Jacob '12, an innocent passer-by). See if you can spot the costumes -- Hunger Games characters and otherwise.


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