The End of Summer :: Looking Forward

I hate to do it, but it's everyone's last day at work, and someone needs to admit that the end of summer is quickly approaching.

Besides, I'm stoked about my classes this fall, so maybe I don't hate to get the ball rolling that much.

I'm very excited to be designing my own major at Olin: Engineering: Cognitive Science.
My AHS concentration is in Linguistics, a humanities discipline that should complement my studies in cognitive science nicely. I've planned my courses this next semester to keep me trotting towards my degree. Due to some hurdles, (among them, having my request that Visual Cognition, the grad-school-level course offered by Brandeis's neuroscience department, be counted as science credit denied by Olin's notorious Course Transfer and Substitution Board) I don't currently have an approved course plan, so I'm blocked from registering for classes this fall. This is my disclaimer that I'm just planning on taking the following classes -- no guarantee!

  • Product Design & Development -- Angela & Bennett have written about this class, co-taught at the Rhode Island School of Design, Babson College, and Olin College. Like most Olin kids, I enjoy designing "usable" products and interfaces, and hope that this intense, team-work based class will give me lots of hands-on experience.
  • Artificial Intelligence -- Roland & I are taking this class at Brandeis. While I'm more interested in the usability aspect of the human/computer intersection, I think that learning how to take a different slant on combining knowledge about how the brain works and computers work will be valuable. Plus, more programming experience never hurt anyone... too badly.
  • Principles of Engineering -- Mechatronics class. Required.
  • Tangible User Interfaces -- Finally, this is the class I'm most anticipating. A Wellesley class, it's taught by the same professor who taught my Human-Computer Interaction class last semester. I was blown away that she got Honda to sponsor our class project (redesigning the interface and functionality of a car's "infotainment" system), and I can't wait to see what we'll be doing this fall. I would love to eventually be a user interface or interaction designer, so this class should be a fun taste :)

That's all for now -- unlike most of my friends, I'm still working for another week or so. I expect the next couple weeks to fly by in a blur of cross-country flights, unpacking, decorating, reconnecting, and all the other hectic parts of starting another school year.


PS: I cut off almost all my hair. What do you think?

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