The Final Rush

It's that wonderful time of year again - the final rushing, struggling, caffeinated push toward winter break. We've had a small taste of it over Thanksgiving, and just can't wait for it to come and for all the work to end (for a month).

Wendy and Angela, full at Thanksgiving

The above is a picture of my sister and me on Thanksgiving, after dinner and dessert, in case you've forgotten what it was like to eat platefuls of food beyond your normal amount. We are pigs.

Upon returning to Olin, I was, of course, shocked back into the reality of final projects and presentations, as well as needing to get a student visa (ack!), packing up my entire room so I can move out on December 21st (want to guess how many boxes I've packed? Hah), and planning Snow Ball, Olin's winter formal.

Needless to say... It's been a little crazy. It's also stressful and cold (we had the first real snow last night), and like everybody else, I am on the verge of illness - sneezing here, coughing there, having a bit of a sore throat in the morning - but I'm just too busy to get sick, as are we all. Somehow, we all manage to put it off until later. Right after Expo (Exposition; the few days after finals in which all Olin students give a presentation on something), it will all catch up with me, and I'll go home and sleep until Christmas - and I can't wait.

Don't study too hard,


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