The Freshman Feeling

The freshman feeling is the unreal feeling of being thrown into a whole new world: the world of college. Although I had heard so much about Olin and dorm life, I didn't completely understand what it would be like until I actually came to live it.

Olin Class of 2017.jpg

At first, being in college just felt like another summer camp: living away from home with new people and new food. Then once classes started, it slowly began to hit me. This was our new 'home'. Even the little differences started to feel like a surprise. Here's a list of a freshman's biggest surprises below:

  1. The sheer number of emails sent every day! 
  2. How much time we spend outside our rooms
  3. Long days (I found myself showering three times a day to compensate)
  4. Being able to study in groups every single day: Work and fun seem to become one and the same!
  5. Having to check different websites for each class's assignments(It can take me a good 30 minutes)
  6. Remembering to fit laundry into your schedule
  7. Having so many resources available to use
  8. We're not in summer camp! :O

Even though the idea that I'm in college hasn't completely hit me yet, it's been a great ride so far. Being a freshman can be overwhelming but also a fresh start and give great experiences!

Sincerely your (favorite ;) )freshman,

-Shrinidhi c/o 2017

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