The Halfway Point

Wake up at 9 am, watch some soccer on the projector, have breakfast, head on over to Admissions to talk with some parents at this weekend's Open House, do a bit of reading, ride my scooter to the Starbucks in Wellesley for an afternoon snack, write a blog post, have dinner, play some pool, do a bit more reading, go to bed.


That's how today will look and I'm hoping the next six weeks will look very similar to it. You might recall in my last post way back at the start of the semester that I am (or was) taking several half-semester courses at once this semester. The plan was to front-load them and leave the second half of the semester free to work on personal projects (i.e. research, passionate pursuits, etc.). Well, that was a great plan, except I hadn't anticipated just how much work three half-semester courses (on top of three regular courses) would involve. The last two weeks have undoubtedly been the most stressful of my college career thus far, so if you only take one thing away from this blog post: don't take three half-semester and three regular courses at the same time! It's doable, but it will eat your soul.

We've just crossed the half-way point of the semester, so my schedule is undergoing a radical weight-loss program. ProbStat, LinAlg, and Relativity are gone. Six Books that Changed the World has turned into Science Fiction & Historical Context. There are new things, too! I'll be spending the rest of the academic year working with the folks in Communications, something that I'm hoping will give my design-orientated self some much needed experience. I'll be continuing my research from the summer in the hopes that I am accepted to a conference in Hawaii in April. I'll also be taking a Passionate Pursuit in Ney playing at a Turkish Cultural Center in Brookline.

But for now I'm loving the much-needed break from work. I actually need it - my immune system has gone on vacation and left me with a cold - but having unstructured time is something that we really do need to put greater value on. Not having to rush from one meeting to another and just enjoying life is a feeling I've missed for the past four or five weeks. I spent a couple weekends out of town to do some fun things with my family, but in the back of my mind I was always worrying about the work I would have to finish when I got back. To me it highlights that just because we are capable of pushing ourselves extraordinarily hard as students doesn't necessarily make it a good idea.

But I did survive the first half of the semester and my reward will be as much unstructured time as I could hope to have.  

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