The incredible Olin Journey

It's well known that every journey begins with a single step. Here at Olin, whether your journey will take you the nearby towns or all the way across the country, the first step you'll take is to your computer to check your e-mail. Before any adventure may be undertaken, important information must be collected. You see, for a small school, we sure do tend to run into each other in far-flung places, and if someone's heading your way they can be your travel buddy. If they can give you a lift, even better! 
We have a number of methods of conveyance at our disposal. Whether by roller blades and longboards or bicycles, tricycles and unicycles, or by cars, buses, and the occasional limousine, students are constantly seeking the horizon. 
Once the getting gets going, though, the finely tuned chain of arrivals, departures, routes, schedules, calendars, planes, trains and automobiles really get rolling. In my personal experience, far-off trips always come with disorganization and sleep deprivation. On my recent trip to New York to visit my family over Columbus day weekend, I knew Megabus was the way to go. In the balance of cost to sketchiness, that's where I hedge my bets. Since class ended at noon and my ticket was for 3pm, I had time to toss together my assignment due that afternoon, and find a lift offered on the helpme forum to arrived at the Eliot train station with minutes and minutes to spare! There, I lost the Olin Challenge,by running into Roland, 2012, on his way to his Megabus, this one heading to Pennsylvania.  Before long we were clanking along the rails into town. We had half an hour to play Jotto in line at South Station. This isn't the part where sleep deprivation comes in (even though my Megabus trip turned into a ten hour ordeal that I've stricken from my memory).
That part comes from, since I booked my return ticket to spend as much time in NYC as possible, I left from 32nd and 9th at one in the morning. In the rain, I boarded my bus and slept until I arrived at 5:45. Minutes later, I was on the commuter rail zipping towards Wellesley. When I disembarked at the Wellesley Heights station, I realized that a freshman, Carl, had been in a different section and we decided to walk to Olin instead of waiting for and taking the first shuttle from Wellesley College which arrived just as we did.
One quick hour-long class was all that kept me from my bed. At 10:01 I was flat out unconscious, recuperating for my next, inevitable, incredible journey into town.
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