The N Last Things

Yep - it's that time of year again: Expo guests have come and gone; the shops and stockrooms have been straightened; and requests for rides to the airport rise exponentially. Projects pass through crunch time and wrap up - we hope.

Figure: I tracked the hours I was spending on my most project-based class over the course of the semester. The red reference line is the nominal 12 hours/week an average 4-credit course is supposed to take. Don't worry, not all projects do this...

Suitcases, piles to-be-packed and offers of free stuff fill in the hallways. Why does packing always require things getting so messy before the room gets clean?
The commencement tent is up, and the forecast for graduation day looks promising.

IMGP0424.JPGAs a senior, there's something special and slightly surreal about this last run through the end of the last year at Olin... Four years has managed to be very long, and very short indeed. Sometimes, I'm amazed at just how much I've learned and done in the last 4 years, but more often, I'm struck by just how much I didn't - how many fields I've just scratched the surface of, how much more there is to learn.

I owe many thanks for these 4 years: to the faculty and staff at Olin, to the trustees and administration (and to the Olin Foundation for starting this crazy adventure in the first place!), to the older classes of Oliners who "left Olin better than they found it" - I hope we lived up to your example, and I know we now leave it in good hands - and of course, to my compatriots, the Class of 2013.

Right. Enough vague senior ramblings. It's been a pleasure to share my experiences in the last few years here - thanks for joining me!


PS: Since it's the question everyone's asking: I am still waiting to hear back about a post-graduation opportunity I am very excited about. I'll try to pop back in here and update if it comes through!

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