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Hey there, readers!

Before I talk about what's happening in my life, I thought I'd throw in a bit that may be relevant for some of you.  Some of you are anxiously awaiting news from your postman regarding the upcoming candidate's weekends!  To those of you who get invitations--congratulations!  We can't wait to meet you and show you what Olin's all about.  To those who do not, understand that you are still amazing students--our school is just too small for everyone. As someone who believes in fate, this just means there's something else you're meant to do, and I personally wish you the best.



kat_and_jordyn_make_dinner.jpgThis past week was our first week of second semester--my fourth at Olin.  To celebrate the end of our first week, Katherine ('14) and I made ourselves dinner--fantastically delicious apple and chicken grilled cheese sandwiches [pictured to the right].  My schedule is quite packed [nearly 9-6 everyday, including Friday SERVice time], so it's taking some adjusting after our five week long vacation. 

This semester is quite different to last semester's problem sets and papers.  I am continuing to do biology research, NINJA modern biology, and work at the Office of Student Life.  New to the calendar are Intro Chemistry, Biomechanics, Principles of Engineering, and User Oriented Collaborative Design (UOCD).  The last three are project-based, formatted in ways that make Olin unique.  I am beyond excited for all of these courses, and the cool projects that are in my future =].

You may have gathered Olin has a strong sense of community.  One outlet of this is birthday celebrations!  This past Friday, we surprised Janaki ['14] with a cake and a room full of people singing. The expression on her face was priceless [and sadly, I am too slow with a camera].

birthday_1.jpgbirthday_2.jpgI figure now's a good a time as any to include a throwback to Katherine ['14], Kimly ['14], Roland ['12] and my surprise birthday party!  Our birthdays are within 8 days of each other, and our amazing friends [Rachel ('14) and Sam ('13)] planned a beautiful surprise full of music, Christmas lights in trees, and great friends.  The top picture shows the three of us blindfolded and being led to the O [the courtyard between the Campus Center, Milas Hall, and the Academic Center].  Sadly, I had no idea where I was going, or what was happening [I'm quite gullible, and didn't catch on at the blindfolding part]. And yes, my guide let me walk into the elevator door and take an extra step up a staircase.  The second was taken a few moments after our blindfolds were removed. It definitely makes the favorites list of Olin moments =].

There you have it! Less than a week back in snow-less Massachusetts, and I am thrilled to see what this semester will bring.  Look for stories on the projects to come, and silly adventures with my friends.

p.s. I hope someone appreciated my Jay-Z reference in my title =].

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