The Semester Speeds By (On a Bicycle?)

Wow, this semester is flying by.  It's crazy to think that about two months ago
I was still abroad.  It's even crazier to
realize that in two months, the current seniors will be alumni, and I will be
registered for SCOPE and preparing for my final year at Olin.  Crazy.

It feels the semester is flying because I've been incredibly
busy.  Most of the chaos is of my own
making, specifically due to all of the time I invest into the things I'm
passionate about.  This semester, I've
spent a lot of time on Human Powered Vehicles (HPV), which designs, races, and
builds recumbent bicycles.  I'm proud to
say that on Monday night, we finished and submitted our design report, and now
we are working on the final touches to pull everything together and have our
bicycle ready for competition on April 29th.

My work with HPV has been in the seat design and team
organization.  You'd think that a bike
seat wouldn't require that much
engineering, but you'd be surprised.  One
of our goals is to have a competitive bike that every rider on our team can comfortably
ride (while many other teams just design their bike around a few speedy and similarly
sized riders).  Therefore, our seat has
to be very adjustable to fit riders from approximately 5'3" to 6'3".  I worked with Juliana '14, Jackie '13, and
Geeta '13 to put together an awesome seat that is more comfortable and lighter
than years past.

Bike Seat.jpg

The Seat! We're really excited how comfy the webbing is (especially compared to wooden seats of the past).

Now, the team is pulling it all together.  We have to build our aerodynamic fairing,
iron out the logistics of getting to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for
competition (!!!), and start "training." 
Whether training means sitting around eating a lot of bagels or actually
going for a bike ride, I'm not sure =).

Wish us luck on April 29th when we take on the
competition at the ASME Human Powered Vehicles Challenge!

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