Into the Woods!

So while all you candidates have been getting excited and preparing for CW, many of us at Olin have been preparing for the FWOP musical, Into the Woods.

This is a huge show far beyond the scale of anything FWOP, our theatre club, has ever done. We have a full-size pit orchestra and a giant cast that includes students from Olin, Wellesley, and Babson. Rehearsals have gone on for months, and this past week has been utterly intense. Sorenson (the Babson theatre where we perform) has come to be a second home. Walking around Olin, you can hear people singing, humming, and whistling music from the show. My roommate even learned how to play one of the tunes on the mandolin. And nearly any word can trigger an actor to recite one of the show's lines. I play Jack (of beanstalk fame), and many people refer to me as Jack, even outside of rehearsal. Everything has become Into the Woods. And in the mind of this theatre enthusiast, that's absolutely awesome.

And here's where you come in! On Candidates' Weekend, FWOP will be going all-out. On Friday night at 8 PM, you can come see Into the Woods! Nothing else is planned for this block of time, and tickets are free for candidates! It's definitely worth your time; the show will be great! I haven't been this excited about a musical in years! And if you still can't get enough of FWOP (who can?), drop by our table at Olin Unplugged on Saturday! You can even here a few of us theatre people sing a song about Olin (based on an Avenue Q song). Who could ask for anything more?

Anyway, now that I'm done with the shameless plugs, I can't wait for all of you to get here!! My CW was a blast; may yours be even better!


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