They're coming!

Many months ago, over the course of my first weeks at Olin, I had a vision of a spectacular future. It was not the end of the term, when I would hopefully regard my first semester of university with satisfaction, nor was it my summer break, when I would finally be back with my friends and working irregular, long hours (a useful talent I'm now proud to have perfected here at Olin). Instead, I was picturing a full year hence, when a new flock of freshmen would populate the campus.

In my first months, I loved learning all of the quirks that make
the people at Olin so unique and engaging. I loved the fact that, from
a healthy competitive spirit in all fields pool-, ping-pong-, and table
soccer-related * to lavish hallway birthday decorations, a given
activity is nurtured by a hugely supportive cast of classmates and
friends. It was natural for me to jump on board supporting this and
every endeavor. I provided muscle to movers, brainpower to innovators
and inspiration to others with (for instance) my recent roast of Tim
Ryan (class of 2013), and countless irregular hair and beard
configurations over the course of my time here (which happened to
augment the confusion some have superficially differentiating me and my
twin brother).

I foresaw enjoying a whole new class taking part
in this excitement, shaking things up in ways we old fogies would no
longer imagine. When I saw our present upperclassmen regarding our
frivolities with benevolence, I breathlessly anticipated taking their
place, partaking in that all-encompassing wisdom. I believe the next
class will be like ours, but better, and the difference is that my
class will be there to help guide and direct the next one!

as I go through the routines and trials that have faced me throughout
the year, I've made mental notes to myself to remember our solutions
and our stumbling blocks, so as to transmit them to the coming
class(es). I've been brushing up on my Olin lore for my own
edification, but also to share it. (Since arriving at Olin, I've become
particularly interested in a more open and intuitive transfer of
information between the classes, not because my experience was lacking,
because I recognize the impetus to reinvent and improve all systems
that is part of the school's honour code: 'openness to change').

'mission' has been on my mind as of late, coupled with the knowledge
that the class of 2014 is out there, dispersed throughout all the
marvelous candidates I will meet in the coming weekends. Actually, I
was going to write this entry about how three CWs will be worlds different from having two, but I suppose that will have to wait until my next (imminent!) post.

Good luck to all and happy countdowns!

Zach, a current Sophomore, and I are presently engaged in a
companionable 'best of five best of five' wherein I won three games of
both ping pong and chess to his two, and lost resoundingly in a game of
'Curses' (a very entertaining interactive card game) and a limbo
competition. We are loathe to finish the final round, lest we unleash a
'best of five best of five best of five' challenge. In the future, you
may find us locked in eternal struggle, neither one definitively better
than the other in all disciplines, both incapable of marking a victory
across the board.

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