They're here!

I'm presently sitting in the library as candidates file in from across the nation and around the world. These bright eyes will see, as I saw only one year ago (minus a week - CW2) the sun glinting off of Milas Hall, the snow drizzled over the O. It also appears that they will be greeted, as I was, by our own Kevin (class of 2012)! He and many other energetic students will be bustling the candidates off on tours and towards adventure (in the adventure-hat direction!).
The memories of my candidates weekend are crashing over me. I was seeing Olin for the first time! I got to meet the students and see the facilities, to watch the shows and demonstrations! When I think back to my CW, I think of it through the lens of an Oliner, and I have to wonder: How will this year be different?

Certainly, with three groups of 90 students each, we'll have even more
fun hearing many more of your stories, seeing more clever name tags,
and answering more unique questions. With three groups, we'll have
three weekends. On the candidate's side of things, that means an extra
week of keeping mum about the design build challenge (as one of the
coordinators of the activity, I think you'll have trouble containing
yourselves - it's rather exciting). We don't want the secret leaked!
There are other secrets or surprises that you'll be bursting to tell
but will have to keep a secret for that much longer!
On the current student side of things, we have an extra week to perfect
our demonstrations, to avoid doing our homework, and to keep our rooms
clean in case anyone visits.

I know that I'm pleased as punch to have this chance to meet 270
fantastic candidates - the countdown is over, and the fun is about to

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