Things are getting crazy…

So, it's the week before Thanksgiving, and things are starting to get a little insane. Deadlines start crashing in, and the stress starts mounting up as we all start realizing how little time is left before the end of the semester. Walking around campus, I can begin to see energy slowly starting to seep out of people, and others starting to get a second wind--though who knows how with as little sleep as some people seem to be running on!

For me, things are getting even crazier, as it gets closer and closer to conference time!
Trying to get a draft of a poster done, and all, or most, of the work done early that will be due during the conference is taking a lot out of me. Not to mention that I just feel badly about leaving teams behind as we enter the final weeks to get all of our work done.

From December 1-5, I'll be heading out to Washington, D.C. for the American Society for Cell Biology's conference. Things definitely started to get real, when I got the program last week, and found my name in there, as an author, with my poster title! And, thankfully, we got final approval from Dr. M's office, so the school will be funding our airfare and hotel for the stay. Thanks! Now we've just got to figure out which flight we want to be on, and exactly which hotel we want to stay in, so that the everything can get ordered! And, I suppose that I should actually finish my poster too! ;) Basically, it looks like I'm really going to need the next week off to do work! Because I probably won't be posting before then, I hope you all have a great holiday!

Best wishes,


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