Today I Saw Halloween Oreos

Or: Summer is Ending.

As of approximately 1.5 hours ago, I am done with my summer internship at IBM. Tomorrow I move into Olin to being R2 training (see you soon, freshmen!). How did things fly by so quickly? I have no idea. Let's have a fun picture recap!

It started out pretty boring. I didn't have a job, I was living at home, and most of my friends were not around. To combat the inevitable creep of despair, I baked cookies and went to the movies.


I ran away to California eventually, visiting my boyfriend and his family. One of the loudest members of the family is his cockatiel, Dr. Zaius.


Soon after, I had a dilemma. It ended well, though- I was employed and living in the city. Other people had also moved into Boston for the summer by this time, and it meant potlucks, poker nights, and more.


This was actually the image we used to advertise the potluck at my house. Here's a real photo:


I also spent time (when it wasn't raining) just wandering around taking pictures.


Once in a while, I would do something epic, like Project Best Idea Ever. (I've been too lazy to get the pictures I took with a waterproof throwaway camera developed yet, so here are some fireworks:)


Or Foo Fest. I've gone to the last three Foo Fests, this time joined by David ('11) and John ('11). It's basically a block party with art and music going on for a solid 12 hours. We wandered around Providence after, up onto RISD and Brown's campuses. I got excited because, like Maia, I am probably taking the Product Design and Development course, co-taught with RISD and Babson on RISD's campus. I also got excited because, back in the day, RISD was my dream school.


I also got down to the South Shore, where my grandparents live. My older brother and I took the commuter boat (part of the T system here) back up to Boston.


Eventually, summer was swinging to an end. My IBM team had a goodbye lunch for me on Tuesday, and yesterday happened to be the company picnic. Here is George and another intern playing giant chess in the lounge area:


It was mostly outside, though. The location is usually a ski area (or, at least in winter), so we actually got to ride up and down the ski lift, getting an amazing view.


And now it's today. I am avoiding packing to some degree. Pretty soon I'm going to start my senior year. It's bizarre how fast it went. But maybe not as bizarre as seeing Halloween-themed items in August.


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