Turkeyorking: (n) the name given by Arash (Olin '11) to the adventure of going to New York City for a few days over Thanksgiving Break. See also Turkeyork (City).

I needed to offer this definition because that's what I did last weekend: I hopped on a bus to NYC for a weekend of complete and utter debauchery (okay, not really) before seeing my family for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I hadn't planned on going, but one day my friend came up to me and said "I heard you were going to NYC for Thanksgiving." I hadn't even though about it, but the seed was planted and so it happened. It was totally and completely amazing. However, this story is best told through pictures, so I'll just fill in the blanks on the very rare occurances where I forgot to break out the camera.

Fung Wah

This is me standing in front of the O-so-sketchy Fung Wah bus. This bus runs between the Chinatowns in Boston and New York for $15 each way, making it affordable for students like me. If you want to know more, see the Wikipedia article.

Ground Zero Cross

This is the cross formerly located at Ground Zero. After getting off the Fung Wah, we walked through China Town, trying to get to Wall Street, but ended up at Ground Zero instead. The site itself was not as moving as it should have been, because we were forced to look through holes in the concrete barrier, which I think was a shame.

Staten Island Ferry

This is my friend Alex and I being colds and wind-blown on the Staten Island Ferry, which is the way to see the Statue of Liberty on the cheap. Alex met us after we arrived, as he went down Friday to visit some friends. My friend Sarah, who came down with me, took the picture. Note the Olin hat. I had to show the colors.

This is 2010.

Sarah and Alex in front of a sign that we were super excited to see. The three of us are members of the Class of 2010, and Sarah and I have both been class representatives, so collectively, we're big fans of this sign. We decided that this totally needs to be our class motto, so we started by taking a picture in front of A GIANT SIGN! Yearbook photo, anyone?

Eating Dinner

Eating dinner with Alex's high school friend Donna and her friend Katherine (both Barnard students). They were super awesome. Also, the college code of ethics (in this case, "if a friend is visiting your city, extend him or her your floor") allowed us to crash on Donna's floor for the night, allowing us to experience NYC with even lower costs.

St. Patrick's

The next morning we got up super early and went to Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. The Mass itself was rather disappointing (our campus Mass has better music and sermons, trust me), but the Cathedral was amazing. To take this picture, Alex had to sprawl out on the sidewalk. It was hilarious.

Empire State Group Picture

After St. Patrick's, we walked around Midtown for awhile, which was great, and then headed to the Empire State Building. This is our group photo at the top of the ESB. The guy in the yellow is Dan, a fellow Olin 2010er and NYC resident who came to hang out with us for the rest of the day.

Central Park

We ended our day by playing around in Central Park. It was so much fun. By this time our numbers were 5, as Marti, another 2010er and NYC resident had joined us. Over all, it was a super trip, relatively cheap, AND SO MUCH FUN. Really, going to school on the East Coast rocks my world.

As always, thanks for reading.

-Jeff Moore

Olin College Class of 2010

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