Two Weeks Notice

William Saulnier '16

Howdy folks! I'm a new face around these parts. My name is William, and you might have guessed, at least, based on the '16 after my name, that I'm a freshman. Well, your guess would be right on the money. I've been on campus now since Saturday the 25th of August, and classes got underway on the 30th, so we've been on campus for a little over two weeks. I say we, of course, referring to the other members of the class of 2016.

This was taken during orientation, with the R2s in the background on the stairs and the class of 2016 out front! We're a pretty awesome bunch, but you can read more about that other places. That's not nearly as interesting as what we've been up to lately. These past two weeks have been some of the most exciting, and I know it's just going to get more awesome from here.

I've done so much already. I've learned a new programming language, I've foraged in the fields for insects, I've wired circuits... many times. Even after they fail to work and short every component. I've order midnight pizza. I've joined the Olin Player's Club as a techie, and my roommate got the lead roll in Dr. Horrible (Don't know what it is? Check it out here and come back after you have.) I've met pretty much the entire school, an awesome feat, even if you take into account that there's under 300 students all in. However, there is something more awesome then all of this.

All the people I've met are some of the smartest, most talented, and, quite frankly, most awesome people that I could have ever met. For me, one of the biggest worries about Olin was it's size, but I definitely haven't been feeling too cramped because of the people around me are so engaging and interesting. When I was looking at other schools throughout the application process, one of the biggest questions I'd ask myself was "Can I find a place where I'd be at home?" In the larger schools, that would be easy, statistically speaking if you're one in a million there are around seven thousand people just like you. When you get smaller, you risk making the pool of people you could possibly connect to and become very good friends with very small. Not so with Olin. Even if this school is smaller then most people's high schools, the culture it creates and the people it attracts means that after day one everyone is someone you can talk to without fear of stepping over some unspoken boundary.
That type of culture is what defines Olin, and sets it apart from possibly every other school in the nation. Of course, everything else does a pretty good job of that too. I joked with a friend that Olin is like being hoisted up on a crane and dropped five stories into a pool of water. It's scary at first, but soon enough you're doing flips and landing gracefully, and when they ask to drop you six, you shrug and say, "Why not ten?".
It may have only been two weeks. But it's already home. If you're on campus, come visit me! I'd love to talk with you. You might catch me giving tours, or doing other things around on campus. Ask me why this place is awesome, and why you should come. But for now, I've got some labs to finish.
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