Well, since my last post, I've been a little too busy to throw any more dinner parties. tumblr_l0i3gqZRTS1qz586so1_1280.jpg

Over Easter Holiday, Jona ('09.5) and I went rock climbing in les calanques in southern france. It was amazing. Having graduated in December, he's learning French and traveling around Europe now (and applying for jobs?).

Then, after some worrisome flight cancellations and rescheduling, Ducker ('09) managed to fly all the way out from Seattle to visit me! I miss talking tech with him -- plenty of people use iPhones and Facebook here, but no one talks about the companies behind the products (or, if they do, I haven't met them). It was good to catch up and show him the city I live in now -- we had fun trying to ignore our fear of heights on Vor Frelsers Kirke, napping on the beach by the offshore wind farm, and barbecuing at my friend's.4564963815_6da620b975.jpg

Using the free Copenhagen City Bikes along the canal

Now it's time to catch up on my school work here and organize things for Olin next year. I'm terrible at paperwork, and being thousands of miles away doesn't help. I finally got transfer credit for the courses I take here sorted out though (every class I take here is worth just 94% of an Olin class, which is somewhat inconvenient for fulfilling requirements). To receive credit, I need to get the equivalent of a B-. Unfortunately, the Danes use an incredibly confusing 7 step grading system from -3 to 12! We'll see how it all works out :)
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