Votes and Juries

I've now been in Florence for more than two months. Today, of course, was one of the days where I was reminded more of my "Americanness" by the discussions of the election everywhere. Last night we actually went to an election party hosted by the Democrats Abroad, where we saw Italians wearing Obama masks, waving the stars and stripes, and declaring their love for America. It was somewhat strange.


(Photo thanks to Rebecca Olsen.)

While the election was fun, I was thoroughly exhausted for all of today. Staying up until 5AM to hear the final results was possibly a poor decision. Luckily, the most strenuous thing I have going for the next few days is to work in the photo lab. I've never done non-digital photo work before, but it's something I've come to really enjoy. I even entered a few of my pieces in a student art show. These still have to be juried in, so I get to wait another two days for another (less historic) vote.

For the curious, the three photos I submitted are:


Hopefully they get picked. Fingers crossed!


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