A weekend tune

Brittany L. Strachota


Jordyn and I have a joint summer- and GE-centric post in the works (wait until you heard about the Harvey Mudd kid), but based on my track record with coordination and astonishing gaps between posts, I figured I might as well take advantage of this lazy Saturday to throw something out there.

I'm back home for the summer, in Pewaukee, Wisconsin - a suburb of Milwaukee. This is Home One of Three, before Needham and Leeds. I'm missing both, to be sure; snippets of news from Olin friends spark a desire for reunion, and any hint of an English accent has me desperately aching to be in the UK. Let's just say the Olympics talk is a bit difficult to bear this year, especially since the torch went through Leeds just last week. But my re-indoctrination into Midwestern culture after so long away has been delightful. In the last year, the longest stint I had at Home One was about a week and a half. Consequently, I've become accustomed to fitting in all the Wisconsin goodness into a short time period. I'm used to that mindset, and have gone way overboard on brat and custard consumption.


I wasn't motivated enough to venture out to Summerfest today, so took care of some business (grown-up job applications...), sat around like a bum, and played with our new bunny, Tater (Potato for short - no, that's not a mistake). He got sick of me after a while, and ditched.



Potato taking a rest after a run


Left with nothing to do, I was struck with sudden inspiration and pulled my clarinet out of the closet. Mind you, I only played this thing from fifth through eighth grade. Olin has helped to nurture a "What the heck? Just go for it" attitude, so I said to myself, "What the heck? Just go for it." Turns out, muscle memory is a real thing! I couldn't tell you what most of the notes on the page are called right away, but my fingers instinctively moved to [mostly] the right places. I'm rather pleased with myself right now, thanks to Home Two.



 Owen, my clarinet, and a fingering chart (just in case)


Summerfest tomorrow, and GE Monday - not too shabby for Home One.

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