A Weird Week

Sigh. I'm about four days late posting to the blog, and I have no idea what to say. Well, this week has been an interesting one. It started out with a 3-day weekend, so that's good (though I had to go to Brandeis on Monday for my cross-registered class because they didn't have the day off). On Monday, however, I decided to drop that Brandeis class because at 21 credits, and being an R2, and RLR (Residential Life Representative to CORe), I just didn't have time to dedicate myself to it as much as i would have liked to. It's a shame because it is an X-Ray Crystal Structure Determination class (the practical part of the class actually involved us taking a crystal of unknown structure, using x-ray diffraction to determine the structure, and publishing), and it was probably the class about which I was the most excited. In the long run, this will be much better and cut some stress and allow me to dedicate myself more to the rest of my studies and activities.
While happily riding the wave of that reduced stress though, I got to experience a whole new kind of stress in that, when returning a call to my credit card company yesterday, I found out that I have now become a victim of credit card fraud. Yeah. It's weird, stressful, and quite frankly makes me a little angry. But after talking to some people, I'm convinced that it will be okay in the long run. After being less productive after that yesterday, I'm spending today trying to catch up on some things, which is going well. As if you couldn't tell from the fact that this post is getting written. (On a very random side note, one of my fish just like jumped out of his water a little ways and very probably hit his head on the aquarium lid...weird..). Anyway, I'm off now to finish my slides for a group presentation I have to give tomorrow, then work on the slides for a presentation I'm giving at Family Weekend about the research I did this summer. And, at some point, I need to print off some business cards for my Foundations in Business and Entrepreneurship business, the Olin Tutoring Squad. But then everything gets better tomorrow night when I get to pick my parents up from Logan and hang out with them for the weekend! I'm excited!

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