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Welcome Class of 2013! I'm probably the tenth person (if not more) who has enthusiastically said this to you today!

Well, assuming you made it there, what with the cancellations of flights due to tropical storm Danny, parents getting screwed by the rental car company, sudden emotional crises, chance jackelope encounters, or what have you. Don't worry if you haven't made it to the gates, past the softball field, and to the blue-and-silver balloon festooned Campus Center cafeteria. I was 5 hours late to the first day, and I turned out alright; really all you "lose" is the half of the room that can't be seen from the door (which is always coveted, unless you and your roommate are really tight and rearrange your room so you both get the good side). But seriously, I hope you've gotten to school alive and well, gotten the big half of the room (unless you're in 224 where both halves of the room are uncomfortably shaped), and are now enjoying one of the three times in the year that the dining hall goes all-out with the fancy dishes and tablecloths.

Anyways, we're really excited to have you around (myself especially, since I didn't even get a chance to see you at CW last year), and we hope you're doing well. But, as excited as you are right now, we don't want you to fall into the trap of sitting in the lounges, playing Apples to Apples nonstop because you think there's nothing else to do (I have a card dedicated to me in one of the decks, with some very racy alt-text to boot!), and hounding the one guy you know who brought a computer to get a sweet, sweet, 5 minutes of email. So, the Olin bloggers have gone ahead and compiled a list of things you might like to do during orientation. Hit the jump for suggestions.

  • You don't even have to leave to have fun - check out the contents of cabinets in the halls, something they're filled with surprising things

  • Try finding the acoustic locus of the EH lounges

  • Do the same for the O

  • Find sweet places to play sardines - 3rd floor AC and some areas in the OC..ahem, Milas Hall, are pretty good for this.

  • Try to get from the entrance to WH to the fourth floor lounge without touching the ground.

  • Check out the bike and unicycle room - the bikes with green tape are GO bikes, which you can borrow for your own needs. Lock 'em, and try not to trash them, since I'm one of the dudes that repair them, and would be really sad if I came back to a wad of bike repairs. Great, now you're mobile!

  • Visit the Wellesley dump. Wellesleyans toss the best stuff - cabinet speakers, bikes, books on pipe flow dynamics, bicycles, $16K of gold coins in a water cooler, etc...

  • Find the giant gaping hole in the Rugby field, enter, and run along the Wellesley Aqueduct trail: map

  • Visit Needham and find useful locations: Harvey's Hardware, Bank of America, Sudbury Farms, Trader Joes, 7-11

  • check out the public libraries in both Needham and Wellesley while you're there - they have an unexpectedly good selection of non-technical books and DVDs. Of course, the Olin library and stacks have a great selection of technical stuff - check out the take a boo, give a book shelf, the sci-fi section, the magazines in the stacks, and the instructables. Have a pizza party at midnight while you're there - you're allowed to (thanks honor code!). Ask for specialties like the Alex Davis or the CCCP if you call the Dominos at Wellesley - they are both traditional Olin novelty pizzas.

  • Go back to the 7-11 after your pizza party and get a slurpee. It is hard to go through Olin without doing a midnight Slurpee run, so you might as well make your first one fun. For extra points, get the most ridiculous snacks you can and leave them as an offering at your favorite R2's door (I recommend my R2 this year, Traz).

  • For that matter, just get a lot of snacks wherever you can, in general. When you're actively meeting people at Olin, snacks are essentially money.

  • If you get snacks at a grocery store, get cooking supplies, and use WH kitchen while it's still clean (better yet, keep it clean, maybe leave a nice note the the kitchen committee for their work on making a new WH kitchen)

  • Grill something in the grills - I'm currently craving rosemary-crusted salmon with a garlic lemon baste, plank grilled, but this man offers a different suggestion

  • Take your picnic over to the Foundry porch (more adventurous souls can try to break into the foundry and watering Colin's tree - he'll tell you where it is)

  • Go over to Wellesley town and find Lemon or Amarin Thai, or try the Sweet Basil/Not Your Average Joe's scene in Needham

  • Cycle over to Wellesley College and find the Wang Student Center and Clapp Library - check out the bubble tea stand in the Wang - it is pretty ok tea.

  • Cycle back to Wellesley College at midnight and experience the fog on the lake, the backyard of the dorm complex by the lake (it's a really big lawn going into a forest, you can't miss it if you take the forst trail from the lake to the Wang), the trail through the bog behind the Wang, the waterfall, and the track - all of these look really eerie and attractive at night.

  • Cycle down to the Commuter Rail in Needham, and get a ride for you and your bike into Boston. Woah! You're in Boston! With a bike! The obvious place for celebration is the MIT Anna's, Mike's/Modern Pastry in the North End, or the Boloco on Newbury street (where there is OMG shopping as well.)

  • find the swing, the two cars, the barn, and other treasures in parcel B. Don't look for the secret hiding places - they obviously don't exist

  • Babson students sometimes have entrepreneurial ideas for what are essentially perpetual motion machines - do what you will with that information.

  • While you're doing what you will, stop by the pottery studio, where Stephanie Osser will be so excited to see more Olin people. She loves Olin people coming over to make creative pottery and will immediately find somethign fun for you to do while you listen to the CD player that skips because clay dust has made the disc reader kind of glitchy.

  • Also check out the smoothies place at Babson. Laugh at the umlaut, and maybe get a smoothie. Reflect to a kinder time when we got free credits for smoothies on our meal plans (2010 was the last year to experience that, but we will never forget, maybe).

  • Find the Olin Bridge (I have no idea what this is but Angela appends this suggestion with a mysterious "hahaha...", so it must be good)

  • hold a croquet tournament between the dorms

  • Get a tan while you still can (bonus points for listening to the song "Daylight", and trying to replicate Kim's ridiculous grin)

  • Take a shower, try to figure out how to make the most of your water pressure

  • Call your Mom and Dad a few times before you get too busy to remember

  • try not to overdose on soft-serve ice cream (or any other dining hall food), however if you do decide to form a cult following for any food, Guava-Orange-Passionfruit juice nectar beverage liquid is where it's at.

Best of luck, and a very wet welcome to you!

-The Olin Bloggers and friends.

P.S. Anyone have other suggestions/stories?

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