Welcome to Olin

Welcome to Olin

A friendly college community where the air is humid, the moon is lovely, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep--they probably belong to Forrest's quad-copter.

Welcome to Olin.

Hello readers. Jennifer Anderson, the blogger who apparently doesn't exist, here. I'm a sophomore hailing from the confused land of Colorado--the state that can't quite decide whether it wants to be on fire or underwater.

From the previous articles posted by my esteemed college fellows, I'm sure you have already had quite a lovely introduction to Olin as a school and as a community. Thus, it is my job as a faithful blogger to bring you information about other sides of Olin.

I am told by varying members of my class that I officially participate in way too many extracurricular activities: and that's probably true since I'm can never remember all of them when people ask. As such, I have used this to engage in a study the Olin-accuracy of a statement that is true in the normal universe: Sleep, Social life, Homework; pick two. Olin is one of those magical places where the laws of physics bend and you can accomplish all three of these things. The deep-rooted reason for this? Everyone at Olin cares about each other. If you see another student struggling in anything--from staying up too late, to difficult math problems, to where the best Ice Cream joint around is (it's White Mountain Creamery, by the way), Oliners are always there to lend a hand. And this doesn't just apply to students either; if you are having difficulty with a class, you can email the professor and they will almost always get back to you with useful information, or at the very least take your problem into careful consideration and do their best to find a solution. And they'll probably do it with a decent amount of truly fantastic quotes as well, such as "It's the right hand rule because there are right angles. Think about it; you don't want left angles" and "Wire strippings everywhere. They look like sprinkles but are probably less delicious."

And now, for something completely different: the weather.

You Know My Name: Chris Cornell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnzgdBAKyJo

But in all seriousness, there is a lot of pretty weather here at Olin. We even have our own little piece of woods called Parcel B, where there are trails, a lake, beehives, and a secret garden.

Parcel B in the fall: absolutely gorgeous.


Parcel B in spring is just as nice.


We also get sunsets like this:


And then we have shenanigans where it decides to snow a couple feet and we try to make the world's largest snowball:


Yes, those are two students hugging a snowball taller than they are.

But no matter the season, there is always something fun to do outside at Olin.

Settling in to be another day in the wonderland here at Olin. I hope all of you out there have someone to share it with, or, at least, good memories of when you did.

Good day, readers. Good day.

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