We're Still Alive!

I just wanted to take the time to assure our avid readers that the Olin student bloggers - and the rest of the student body - is still alive and well! Unfortunately, a happy Oliner is a busy Oliner, which often means we fail horribly at keeping our blogs up-to-date. I, for example, still have 150 pages of Uncle Tom's Cabin to read, half a Relativity problem set, some Linear Algebra, and some German to finish before tomorrow. But I decided while I'm sitting in this lovely Wellesley coffee shop on this lovely autumn afternoon, I should take the time to catch you all up on the start of a new semester.

With regards to my summer research, we finished out abstract and submitted it to the conference organizers in early August. They will let us know if we are accepted to the conference sometime in November, but we will still write a formal paper regardless. I won't be working on it much until late October because of my course schedule.
I am taking Linear Algebra, Probability & Statistics, Relativity, Six Books that Changed the World, Science Fiction & Historical Context, Dynamics, and German (at Wellesley College!). It's a long list, but it's only 18 credits since the first 5 courses are all only half a semester. I am front-loading my semester so that whilst the first six weeks are going to be (and already are) exceptionally busy, it will leave the second-half almost entirely empty. And it's during that time that I can commit myself to my research, my extracurriculars, and of course this blog. 
Anyway, time to get back to work. Until next time!
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