What is this stuff? Sun?

Over the last few weeks I've been observing an unusual meteorological phenomenon-not only is the sun visible, it's noticeably warm during the day! Add that to the fact that I can see all of the grass, walkways and other ground covering and frankly...I'm not sure what to make of it. Isn't is supposed to be winter in this hemisphere?

Coming from Oregon, I had a vague idea going to school in Massachusetts would mean "colder", but I figured it would be no big deal. After all, snow happens a couple times a year at home, is easily accessible in larger quantities on our nice big mountains and we certainly have our share of cloudy, rainy days.

I'll admit there were some bumps along the way my first winter out east-the sad realization that a couple inches of snow doesn't actually always translate to a snow day, the glorious realization that boots are a much better response to "my sneakers get wet when I wear them in the snow" than "huh, I guess I'll wear sandals", and the general resetting of standards such that "it's really cold today" means a little more than "I might even have to wear a sweatshirt".

So after all that adapting, what do I find this year? Well, I substituted this "fall" for a "spring" and came back to a very mild winter-we haven't had any snow at all since we all returned in the ~3rd week of January! It feels like I'm cheating at Massachusetts! And to be honest, at the risk of ruining it for everyone who's seen enough snow to last a lifetime, I'll admit I've been secretly hoping for a nice, heavy snowfall (Note: Just checked the forecast; 50% chance of snow for Saturday!). How about it northeast?

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