Where am I?

Answer: In Ghana.

First, I owe you all an apology-the prep for the end of the year, and this trip particularly more or less took over my life towards the end of the semester, so I have been absent from this blog for far, far too long. But everything did eventually come together, and I hope you will all be happy to know that I did in fact find a place to live for the summer less than 48 hours before leaving for Ghana. When I was having trouble working housing out, I was told "hey, being homeless would be an adventure", but I am somewhat relieved to be skipping that one.

This semester, I've been in a class called ADE-Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship. The class is a mix of Olin students and Babson students, and we've been working on development-oriented sustainable projects in Ghana, Morocco, India and Alabama. Right now, the Ghana and Morocco teams are in those countries doing some implementation, meetings, interviews, and any other stuff that couldn't happen from a distance. India is meeting up in a few days and Alabama did site visits earlier in the year.

All the ADE teams that are traveling are blogging here: http://adetravelblog.blogspot.com/
Check it out!

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