Where next, class of 2010?

It's the middle of April and the big question of "What happens after graduation?" looms large for any graduating senior. I'm happy to report that my fellow members of Olin's class of 2010 have done extraordinarily well in the intense job and graduate school market. 

Here's a brief run-down of where some of my class is headed after stepping off the commencement stage on May 16.  Of course, several are still searching for that perfect position, but I'm really impressed with our success so far, so I had to share.

Graduate Schools
MIT (4)
Stanford (2)
Carnegie Mellon (3)
UC-Berkeley (1)
UC-San Diego (1)
UCLA (1)
Northwestern (1)
Brown (2)
U. Illinois (1)
U. Penn (1)
U. Colorado (1)
Fulbright (1 so far,  2 more waiting to hear back)

Google ( 2, project management and software development )
Microsoft ( 7 , project management and software development )
Rockwell (1)
GE Health Care (1)
Athena Health (1)
Intuit (1)
Lexmark (1)
Optiver (1, financial trading)

Not bad for the fifth graduating class of a brand-new institution, I'd say. Especially since when I arrived in August 2006 we weren't even accredited.

Prospectives take note. Just imagine how much more well-known the Olin brand will be by the time you complete four years here.  Don't forget that the benefit of going to a small, tight-knit school like Olin is that alumni will be accessible and ready to help you out!

* As is always the case with these kinds of lists made by one
person, I'm sure I've made some mistakes or left many people's future
plans out. All errors are my own. Oliners, please email me with
suggested additions/corrections... or add a comment below.

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