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Olin College Fall Career Fair
Wednesday, October 4, 11-2, Campus Center

Olin Alumni are welcome to join us as job seekers or as representatives for their company. Please contact Suzanne if you would like more information on attending as a job seeker. To register on behalf of your company, click here.

Startup Institute – Boston, MA
Fall Classes
At Startup Institute we look forward to helping you leverage your passions and build the technical skills, culture skills, and network to launch you into the innovation industry. Learn more about the fall course offerings here.


Bossa Nova – San Francisco, CA – Posted: August 11
Safety Compliance and Reliability Engineer
As the Bossa Nova Compliance and Reliability team, you are responsible for ensuring and improving the durability and reliability of Bossa Nova’s robots. To achieve that, we partner with multiple engineering teams from the beginning (concept) to the end (field returns) of a product lifecycle, while exploring new technologies and understanding how customers will use our products. More…

Bossa Nova – San Francisco, CA – Posted: August 11
Senior Electrical Engineer
Bossa Nova is a Carnegie Mellon University spin-off. We are passionate about building robots that live and work around people, and solving big problems through data and automation. We are located on both coasts of the USA and work in a fast-paced, creative environment. More…

Bossa Nova – San Francisco, CA – Posted: August 11
Engineering Program Manager
As an Engineering Program Manager, you will utilize your Program / Project management skills and have significant responsibility for driving robot development schedules and managing project issues that results in resolutions on time. You will support high-level milestone execution in a fast paced technology design/integration team. More…

Bossa Nova – San Francisco, CA – Posted: August 11
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer
As the Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, you will be responsible for: Designing complex mechanical systems including integration of PCs, sensors, embedded systems, optical systems, custom cables, sheet metal chassis and large plastic enclosures. More…

Bossa Nova – San Francisco, CA – Posted: August 11
Optical Engineer
The Bossa Nova robot employs an optical system consists of multiple semi-custom cameras and illumination devices. You will manage the maturation of current generation optical system as well as development of the next generation of best-in-class optical system that meets the overall system requirement in resolution, power consumption, focal depth requirement and data processing development. More…

Auris Surgical Robotics – San Carlos, CA – Posted: August 11
Various Engineering Roles
This posting was sent to us by Olin alumna, Erica Chin: “These are all positions on my team (which includes with former Oliners: Travis Schuh, Alex Niswander, and Nick Eyre), and I'd be happy to chat informally, or set up something more formal for people who maybe want to learn more before sending anything official.”
Systems Analyst
Senior Systems Analyst
Staff Systems Analyst
Senior Software Engineer (X2)
Sr Mechanical Engineer (mechanical)
Mechanical Engineer (mechanical)
Sr Mechanical Engineer (Instruments)
Mechanical Engineer (Instruments)

PatientsLikeMe – Posted: August 11
Various Engineering Roles

This posting was sent to us by Olin alumna, Tiana Veldwisch: “PatientsLikeMe is looking for a Product Manager (or two) to join our growing team!! This particular opening is aimed at folks with a few years' experience preferably, rather than really recent grads, as we're trying to grow the team proportionally at the various levels. And while we're at it, we're still/again hiring in the software engineering side as well: Full-Stack Software Engineer, Full-Stack (senior / principal level) , Principal-level mobile iOS engineer, Principal-level Android engineer and also UX Lead! Anyone interested in applying for any of these positions is always welcome to contact me (ideally here at or our other Olin alums (Becca Getto, Claire Barnes, or Kari Bender) for a chat, referral, cup of coffee, etc.”

Rockwell Automation – Mayfield Heights, OH - Posted: July 28
Business Intelligence Developer

This posting was sent to PGP by Olin alumna, Geeta Kirschner: “There's a job opening for a Business Intelligence Developer on my team, and I really like my group and manager. In addition to being a developer, they would learn about and influence organizational transformation/change. Feel free to have anyone interested contact me with my alumni email ( or send me their resumes.” More…