Co-designing transformational education

Olin is more than just a laboratory for innovation in engineering education on our own campus. We are also a “collaboratory,” dedicated to co-designing transformational educational experiences with and for other institutions. We join leaders in education, business and government seeking to change education to spur the technical innovation necessary to take on society’s big challenges. When collaborating with partners, we seek to create fundamental change for long-term and meaningful results. See our philosophy for more on our approach.

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A note from Dr. Stein:

Dear Friends,

At the end of this summer, I will step down from my position as Associate Dean and Director of the Collaboratory.  It has been a most amazing journey.  When President Miller invited me, in the fall of 2009, to form and lead a new initiative for innovation in engineering education at Olin College, I imagined it would be a three year effort (leaving me plenty of time to prepare for my next sabbatical).  None of us could have envisioned then how this initiative would grow and change over the past seven years, or how it would cause us to grow and change.  I am profoundly grateful to all of the partners, colleagues, and friends who have joined me on this journey.  I could not be prouder of what we have built together.

The work that we have been doing is entering a new phase.  I am thrilled that it will be ably led by my colleague Jessica Townsend, who has been instrumental to our partnership with UTEP and in so many other efforts over the last few years, in collaboration with Sharon Breitbart, without whom none of this would exist.  I look forward to the ways in which they will lead us to build new things as yet unimagined. 

Thank you for all that you have shared — and continue to bring — as our journey continues, co-designing transformational education together.

All my best,