The SEER Participant Experience:


The REU program gave me the opportunity to network and make meaningful relationships with others that share my passion for diversifying the STEM fields. (Melinda Pontes, SEER 2013)

Since the REU, I have begun organizing an inter-collegiate group (including other members of the REU) for K-12 STEM outreach and curriculum share. This was inspired by our cooperative work on engineering education and the idea that after the REU, we could each go back to our respective colleges and continue to help each other make a difference. (Adam Coppola, SEER 2013)

It was a rewarding experience that enabled me to meet a diverse group of individuals with whom I was able to share my own personal experiences and learn from their experiences as well. (April Rollins, SEER 2013)

One thing that the Olin REU offered was networking beyond belief. Not only were the students of the REU from all over the country, but so are the students at Olin. I met a variety of students from many different backgrounds all with the same goal – the advancement of engineering knowledge.  I am still in contact with many of the people I worked with, and we bounce different ideas constantly. (Tyler Hertenstein, SEER 2013)


My research project motivated me to continue working in my community and now I am currently interning with the State of Louisiana, Recovery School District as an intern in Counseling and Testing. (Briana Saul, SEER 2013)

My participation in the SEER Program undoubtedly solidified my decision to further my educational career in engineering education by broadening my understanding of the necessity of the field.…This semester, I have been able to utilize what I learned this summer to help enrich programs at my own university. (April Rollins, SEER 2013)

This program is also a great experience if you wish to do any research at all. It gives a strong background in all things research and ethical practices within research that I have already applied to numerous things since finishing the program….I do research with my advisor at Ohio Northern University, and my research experience from the REU has already come to help. I have a much better understanding of the entire research –to – publication life cycle, and this has made my research go much more smoothly.  (Tyler Hertenstein, SEER 2013)


I enjoyed learning how to conduct research while working on a project that allowed me to reflect on my personal experiences. I was able to learn how to think and learn differently. (Briana Saul, SEER 2013)

The REU program grew my abilities as a student and lifelong learner by providing an environment for me to conduct research in the direction I wanted to take it… (Ryan Gnabasik, SEER 2013)

After the program, my interpersonal skills in team-based projects has grown, along with the level of self-efficacy and ownership in my work. The experience has strongly prepared me for my future goals in conducting higher-level research and the opportunity to teach other bright engineers. (Daniel Moreno, SEER 2013)

The Olin SEER/RET program led me to reflect on my role as a teacher, and the unique challenge and responsibility that I have to foster interest and curiosity in science among my students….One of my favorite parts of the summer was presentations by REU/RET participants and Olin student researchers about their projects.  These presentations broadened my view of engineering and made me think about ways to integrate this perspective into my teaching. (Emily Luck, SEER 2013)