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Establishing a presence in the Olin College of Engineering community allows companies of all sizes to actively engage with some of the brightest and most promising young innovators of this generation.

With this in mind, we are enthusiastic about inviting businesses from around the world to become Olin Corporate Partners. For Olin, corporate partnerships provide our students access to current and emerging technologies as well as essential scholarship support. For our partners, this relationship offers the opportunity to effectively grow brand presence on the Olin campus and build relationships with Olin students, faculty and staff. It also allows partners to become key, highly visible collaborators in moving the Olin mission forward.

Olin and partners benefit from the projects and research enterprises currently underway—many with national and international applications—as well as from the connections between corporations, faculty and students, which lead to newly realized opportunities.

We invite representatives from companies interested in joining our Olin Corporate Partners program to review the sponsorship list and reach out to one of the contacts listed below.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Provide Scholarships
$5,000 + per year
Scholarships in your company’s name will be awarded to students with financial need. Alternatively, and based on your preference, scholarships may also be awarded to faculty participants in the Collaboratory’s Summer Institute week-long program who have indicated that their schools are supportive of the mission but need funding assistance to attend.   

Support Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship (ADE)
$10,000+ per year
Students and faculty work together in this class utilizing their design and entrepreneurial skills to help alleviate poverty in low-income communities around the world.  Each semester, new students take over where the last class left off, working on projects such as promoting a bamboo bicycle business in Alabama, improving rickshaw transportation in India and creating a better cassava grater in Ghana.  

Collaborate with Other Industry Leaders
$15,000 per event
The Olin Innovation Lab (OIL) is a problem-solving ‘safe ground’ for future-focused technical leaders. Work with colleagues within your industry for a day and a half, exchanging ideas and information.   Innovation Labs take place every spring and fall at Olin. As an OIL sponsor, you will work with our team to shape the program’s agenda, invite one of your corporate executives to deliver the keynote, have major accounts attend or sit on the panel and gain access to Olin students and faculty in a neutral, ‘shared space’ environment.

Sponsor a Senior Capstone Program in Engineering (SCOPE) Team
$55,000 per year
SCOPE is the culmination of our project-based curriculum.  Seniors work in multidisciplinary teams on challenging, full-year engineering projects for sponsoring companies.  Olin works closely with companies to develop projects that yield exceptional value to sponsors while providing a critical educational experience for students.  Utilizing the entrepreneurship, user-oriented design and interdisciplinary methodologies that they have learned, students bring a fresh perspective and unexpected solutions to sponsors’ engineering problems.

Join the Collaboratory
$50,000 - $100,000 per year
Spreading the revolution in engineering education is Olin's “Collaboratory,” which is dedicated to co-designing transformational educational experiences with and for other institutions. We join leaders in education, business and government seeking to change education to spur the technical innovation necessary to take on society’s big challenges. When collaborating with partners, we seek to create fundamental change for long-term and meaningful results.

Fund Research Activities
Engage in research with our faculty and students. Olin faculty have broad expertise in engineering, entrepreneurship, design, humanities and other areas.  In addition to the valued outcomes of applied research projects, companies have found benefit from the introduction to Olin’s innovative approach to engineering thinking.

For More Information:

Recruiting Activities/Named Scholarships:
Sally Phelps
Director of Post-Graduate Planning

The Collaboratory and ADE:
Lauren Taaffe
Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

Senior Capstone Program in Engineering (SCOPE) and Research Activities:
Ruth Levine
Director of Business Development