Thank You for Joining Us!

We enjoyed spending a day with you learning how design thinking might help improve the health care experience for everyone. To help you on your journey, below are tools and resources.

Morning workshop session 1

Morning Workshop

The workshop was inspired in part by Olin's longstanding required course for sophomores, called User-Oriented Collaborative Design. Developed by Professor Benjamin Linder and others, the course is an opportunity for engineering students to take a design-led approach to engineering for a better world. To view the PowerPoint presentation for this session, click here.

References used to create the presentation

Adaptation + Ability Group at Olin College

"All Technology is Assistive: Six Design Rules on Disability," Sara Hendren

"Gallaudet University's Surprising, Brilliant Architecture for the Deaf," Washingtonian Magazine

Specialisterne USA, an IT consulting firm staffed by people on the autism spectrum


Afternoon Workshop

Afternoon Workshop

The afternoon session took the design process one step further as participants learned more about their user group, created an experience journey, generated ideas to map out redesign options and produced sketch models. For a deeper dive, click here.

Additional Resources

Olin Faculty Member Ela Ben-Ur’s powerful Innovators' Compass

Innovators' Compass Diagram