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Video Game Playtesting with Physiological Data Acquisition

During video game playtests, feedback is collected via manual observations by playtest managers and retrospective evaluations from the playtesters. While this information is invaluable for game designers to optimize gameplay experiences, humans often cannot observe internal states and subtle emotional and physiological responses in real-time. This project aims to create a robust and reusable system capable of collecting and sharing annotated physiological data from video game playtests. It will consist of a comfortable testing rig worn by playtesters, at least one reliable sensor that captures useful signals, a software system that processes and analyzes the data, and an intuitive user interface game designers can access the data and annotations from. This system will augment—not replace—the current playtesting system employed by Valve.


Faculty Advisor

Lynn Andrea Stein


Team Members

Bryan Werth

Vivien Chen

Minju Kang

Isabel Blancett



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