Dear current and alumni Olin parents,

Olin College is a remarkable place, as we all know—and as incoming students and their families will quickly find out.  Its small size allows us to play a large role in promoting Olin’s mission and in supporting Olin financially and through volunteering.  The Olin community is a special group, comprising a network of students, faculty, administration, families, and alumni, all helping to shape Olin’s future. 

A new MIT study has named Olin as the top leader in engineering education globally. U.S. News & World Report ranked Olin #3 in the nation among undergraduate engineering institutions. Olin earned the number two ranking in the country for both the mechanical and electrical engineering degree programs. The 2018 Princeton Review listed Olin as Colleges That Pay You Back, noting that Olin is a “school that provides students with the opportunity to receive a high return on investment after receiving their education.” It also lists Olin College as #5 in the nation for competitive internship opportunities.

Olin students, faculty, and administrators are simply the best at what they do.  Awards, grants, job and internship opportunities—all testify to the excellence that personifies the Olin community. 

Together, we can continue to affect Olin’s future—but only by getting involved.  I urge you to support Olin’s mission both financially and by donating your time and ideas.  We have a unique opportunity to help change our world through our involvement with Olin.  Join the Parent Advisory Board (PAB), join a PAB committee, host a summer party, and promote Olin in academia and in the workplace.  I look forward to working with each of you as we help the college achieve its vision.


Faith M. Paul P ’19
Chair, Parent Advisory Board