Dear Fellow Olin Parents,

Welcome to an exciting new year at Olin!

The phoenix, Olin’s mascot, is a symbol of our openness to change — and this year the Olin parents’ organization is changing. What had been known as the Parent Advisory Board (“PAB”) is now the Parent Leadership Council (“PLC”). Our new name reflects our leadership role and our mission “to encourage and facilitate an active Olin parent community and support Olin’s vision”. No matter what you call us, our organization and especially our volunteers are amazing! Right from my family’s first interactions with Olin, representatives of the PAB (as it was then known) made us feel welcome, integrated us into the Olin community, and encouraged me to volunteer.

 Getting involved right away was fantastic! As a true believer in Olin’s mission I was eager to support that mission in any way I could. My family had already given financial support, but I wanted to do more. So, I signed up to volunteer and found that the community of Olin parents were a fun group where I quickly made great friends.

 My experience is not unique! Talk to almost any veteran Olin parent and they will tell you about the benefits of supporting the school — benefits that accrue to Olin, your child, and you! Get on the Olin website and see what you can do. There are many ways to get involved and stay connected: join the Olin Parents Facebook group, connect with other families at Olin events, stay informed (the Parent oLink email is a great resource), volunteer, help spread the word about Olin, write a check, or even apply to be a member of the PLC.

 I am honored to be the Chair of the Parent Leadership Council. But titles really don’t matter — we’re all in this together. The PLC will do our best to lead, but ultimately it is up to every parent to do their part for Olin.

I look forward to hearing about what supporting Olin does for you.

Sherry Davis P’20