Vincent P. Manno - Provost and Dean of Faculty, Professor of Engineering

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Message from the Provost

From its inception, Olin College has been about innovation and high standards. Our curriculum is the product of a vibrant and substantive collaboration among faculty, students and staff that is aimed at continually improving our academic program. In a sense, our curriculum will never be a finished product. We will always be enhancing it in pursuit of our dual mission of providing a superb engineering education to some of the nation’s brightest and most enterprising students and of transforming engineering education nationally and internationally.

As you will see when you look through this catalog, Olin’s academic program consists of much more than traditional engineering courses. Olin students often work in interdisciplinary teams in a project-based learning environment. The curriculum provides not only a first-rate engineering education, but also opportunities to explore entrepreneurship and a broad selection of the liberal arts.

Olin views its program as a “learning continuum” that connects and often blends the formal academic program with Co-Curricular activities, research with faculty, community service, Passionate Pursuits and clubs. The learning continuum is vital for the student-centered culture of intellectual and personal challenge we continually nurture at Olin — a culture that fosters hands-on learning, creativity, entrepreneurial thinking and discovery.

We invite you to explore Olin College.

Dr. Vincent P. Manno, Provost and Dean of Faculty

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