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Committee on Student Academic Performance

The Committee on Student Academic Performance (COSAP) is charged by the Dean of Student Life and is empowered to review, interpret, and propose academic performance policies. This committee considers petitions to waive existing academic performance regulations and acts as an appellate body for students with academic performance grievances. The committee also examines the records of students who are not making satisfactory progress toward a degree. This committee is chaired by the Dean of Student Life or the Dean’s designee (non-voting, except in the case of a tie) and consists of the Registrar (non-voting), the Assistant Dean of Student Life for Advising, and three faculty members. Students wishing to appeal a decision on policy must submit their appeal to the Registrar within one week of the original decision.

COSAP also reviews student petitions for exceptions to policy. The twenty credit maximum course load policy is a typical example of a petition to COSAP. There is no form to complete. Interested students should discuss their course load with their adviser and then write a detailed petition that outlines the rationale. Students should include their adviser on the email petition, as the adviser is always asked for feedback. Petitions should be emailed to no later than the add deadline.