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Engineering education at Olin is in the liberal arts tradition, with a strong emphasis on the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Entrepreneurship. Olin is committed to preparing graduates who recognize the complexity of the world, who appreciate the relationship of their work to society, and who are dedicated to creative enterprises for the good of humankind. Olin College endeavors to provide its education at little cost to the student. Olin College strives to foster in students:

• a deep appreciation and comprehension of the principles of engineering analysis and design

• a broad knowledge of social and humanistic contexts

• the ability to identify opportunities, articulate a vision, and see it to fruition

• dedication to intellectual vitality, community involvement and lifelong personal growth.

Program Goals

We hope that, after graduation, Olin students in the Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering programs will increasingly demonstrate attainment of the following objectives:

1. Graduates strengthen the teams and communities they are part of by cultivating collaboration, effective communication and leadership.

2. Graduates apply a multi-disciplinary engineering approach to solving important technical and societal challenges.

3. Graduates create value for society through entrepreneurial and design thinking that transforms needs and opportunities into systems, products and solutions.

4. Graduates adaptively and independently extend their learning to excel in fields about which they are passionate.