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Friday, October 26, 2018 from 11am-4pm in the Crescent Room (CC209)

The Olin Blood Drive will be held this semester on October 26, and signups are now available for both donors and volunteers. The donor appointment signup sheet can be found here, and the volunteer shift signup sheet can be found here

When signing up, please indicate the type of donation you would like to provide: whole blood or power red:

Whole Blood: A whole blood donor gives one unit of blood, or about a pint. The Red Cross accepts any blood type for whole blood donations. Appointments typically take around an hour from start to finish, but the actual donation takes typically 8-10 minutes. You can find whole blood eligibility requirements here


Power Red: A power red donor gives two units of blood, or about two pints. The donation is taken with an apheresis machine, which collects the red blood cells, but returns most of the plasma and platelets back to the donor. A power red appointment takes about 90 minutes from start to finish. The eligibility requirements for whole blood donors apply to power red donors, but there are also additional height, weight, and blood type requirements that you must meet to be a power red donor. Note that the requirements differ based on gender. Click here  to view all donation requirements for power red. 


Why choose a power red donation? Your donation will go further by providing the Red Cross with more of a high-demand blood type from a single session. This is a fantastic way to maximize your impact, and you can read more about power red donations here.



Volunteers are needed to help run the drive smoothly. Volunteer duties include signing in donors at the front desk (registration) and sitting with donors after they have given blood and making sure they hydrate and eat a snack for recovery (canteen). Click here  to volunteer!

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Ariana Olson