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Adam B. Gamwell

Adjunct Professor Adam Gamwell


PhD, Anthropology, Brandeis University


design anthropology, narrative, civic and public media, media production, participatory design


Robert Manners Prize, Brandeis University, Awarded April 2018

Vlogbrothers Educational Programming Sponsorship for This Anthro Life Podcast Awarded October 2017

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Grant Brandeis University Awarded July 2017


Dr. Adam Gamwell is a Design Anthropologist, or what he likes to call a Design-Centered Human, with international experience in ethnographic and contextual research, media production, cultural analysis, social strategy, and education. His Design Anthropology practice mixes holistic, systems-level perspectives, participatory design, and grounded, ethnographic analyses to collaboratively diagnose problems and craft solutions across culture, behavior, and environment. 
Driven by fusing research and artistry Adam recently founded and heads creative at Missing Link Studios, a narrative media and design collaborative dedicated to socializing and translating the power and value of social science research for businesses, educators, and social impact-oriented organizations. He also hosts and executive produces This Anthro Life Podcast, based in Boston, MA, and has over 15 years of audio production and sound engineering experience.
Adam defines a Research Artist as a practitioner who infuses and transforms our experiences of academically-grounded, deep research with delight, spectacle, and provocation. His work blends science communication, public education, curiosity and wonder with rigorous research to help expand public consciousness, empathy and collective problem solving. He believes deeply that education is a fundamental human right, and that it should be enjoyable and engaging.

Select Publications

“Consulting Podcasters: Prototyping a Democratic Tool for Multiple Voices, Storytelling and Solution Finding,” co-authored with Matt Artz. Presented at the Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, April 2018
“Crowdsourcing the Conversation: On the Future of Podcasting, Public Engagement, and Exercising the Anthropological Tool Kit”, co-authored with Ryan Collins, part of the invited panel Podcasts and Anthropology: Exploring Approaches to Multimodal Research and Communication. American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, November 2017
“The Superfood Revolution will be Televised,” co-authored with Corinna Howland. American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, November 2017
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