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Alexander Morrow

Alexander Morrow

Distinguished Research Scientist in Residence


B.S., Trinity College, 1966

Select Courses Taught

Introduction to Computer Networks


ACM Iverson Award for Outstanding Contribution to APL


Mr. Alex Morrow retired from IBM Research in 2009 to join the Olin faculty. At Olin, Mr. Morrow has been pursuing his research into Internet control systems within SCOPE projects supported by IBM. Prior to joining Olin he was an IBM Fellow in IBM Research. There he led several research teams which were responsible for producing a Linux-based wristwatch (running Xclock!), Java Beans, and the Apache Xalan XSL processor, among others. He also led several research projects in Internet-based control systems. Before rejoining IBM, Mr. Morrow was a Fellow at Lotus Development in Cambridge, MA. There he produced software product architectures for application integration across Lotus product divisions and among software publishers. Prior that Mr. Morrow was Vice President of Strategic Relations at the Open Software Foundation (OSF) – a non-profit technology development organization for Unix systems. Before joining OSF, he led the team that produced ACIS 4.2, a version of 4.2 BSD Unix for IBM’s first workstation, the IBM RT PC. ACIS 4.2 was used in many campus networking projects including Athena at MIT and the Andrew at CMU. Prior to ACIS 4.2, he managed transaction monitor, operating system and computer language projects. He was chairman of the ANSI APL standard, and editor of the ISO APL standard, for which he received the ACM Iverson Award for Outstanding Contribution to APL. Mr. Morrow graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, CT in 1966. He lives in Wellesley with his wife and three sons.