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Meghan Murray, B.S.

Meghan Murray, Instructor, Olin College of Engineering


B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Olin College 2012
MBA Harvard Business School, Expected May 2017

Select Courses Taught

Alumni Seminar on Financial Valuation


Health Care, Operations, Financial Modeling


Meghan Murray rejoined Olin College in 2017 to teach an alumni seminar on financial valuation after discovering a love for finance at Harvard Business School. After using financial models to make strategic decisions at a life sciences consulting firm, she began instructing students on how to construct, validate, and interpret financial valuations. Her true passion is at the intersection of innovation and health care where she executes her strategies to impact patient care. Prior to her MBA, she was a production operations manager at MicroVention, a manufacturer of implants for patients with brain aneurysms. In that role, she managed an organization of over 250 operators and their supervisors to launch a new product. She led her team in decreasing costs by 55% while steadily increasing daily production, helping over 10,000 patients each year. In her free time, Meghan likes to enjoy the outdoors hiking, camping, or rock climbing.

Meghan is expected to receive an MBA from the Harvard Business School in May of 2017, and holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Olin College.