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Mitaxi Pranlal Mehta, Ph.D.

Mitaxi Mehta

Argosy Assistant Professor

MH 253


Ph.D., Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad India

Select Courses Taught

Quantitative Engineering Analysis


Nonlinear Dynamics, Speech Processing, Protein-Protein Networks


Research fellowship, PRL India
Visiting fellowship, ICTP Trieste


Dr. Mitaxi Mehta is an Argosy fellow visiting faculty from Ahmedabad University (AU), India. She has Ph.D. in nonlinear dynamics from the Physical Research Laboratory, India. She has been involved in teaching courses in Physics (Mechanics, Electromagnetic theory) and Mathematics (calculus and differential equations, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics) at AU. She has been a post-doctoral fellow at Uni. of Regensburg, Germany, IMSc Chennai, India, IPR, Gandhinagar, India and a faculty member at BITS Pilani Goa, India. Her research interests are in the areas of nonlinear dynamics, semi-classical physics, speech processing and data analytics.

Select Publications

Dutta G. and Mehta M.P. ``Comment on ''Yet another encounter with the golden ratio`` Euro. J. Phys Vol.37 No. 6, p. 068002-068005 (2016)
Mehta M. P., Dutta S. Tiwari S. ``A quaternionic map for the steady states of the Heisenberg Spin-Chain'', Phys. Lett. A. 378 p. 362-366 (2014)
Mehta M. P. and Sen A. "Death Island Boundaries for Delay-coupled Oscillator Chains", Phys.Lett. A. 355 p. 202-206 (2006)