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Molly W. Rubenstein, B.A.

Molly Rubenstein


B.A., Linguistics, Yale University

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Products & Markets


Makerspaces/ Innovation Centers Project-based Learning Sharing Economy Kinesthetic Learning International Development Community Development


Molly W. Rubenstein joins the Products & Markets teaching team and the International Development Innovation Network team at Olin after four years launching, growing, and managing Artisan's Asylum, a giant Olin-alum-founded makerspace and small business incubator in Somerville, part of the vanguard of the growing global maker movement.

With students in Products and Markets, Molly shares lessons learned from her own entrepreneurial experience and those of the companies she supported in order to help guide them through the complex process of finding product/market fit. She also, as part of her work with the International Development Innovation Network, coordinates opportunities for Olin students and professors to engage in meaningful design, research, and education in countries with developing economies around the world, as well as mentoring a growing group of Innovation Centers located in those countries.

Committed to building and participating in thoughtful, caring, fun and productive communities, in all her work Molly seeks to pose the question: why can't highly effective learning and work feel like play? She draws on her experience at Artisan’s Asylum and in political organizing, teaching, theater, and social-dance-scene building in her current work, and continues to explore ways that makerspaces, the sharing economy, radical project-based learning, rational thinking, and collaborative arts and activities can provide platforms for healthy personal and group growth and development.