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Donor Profile: Nicole Stata, President’s Council member
Entrepreneur supports Olin’s transformative mission

Being from a risk-taking family, Nicole Stata comes by entrepreneurship naturally. She calls Analog Devices, the iconic Boston area tech company started by her parents, a veritable third sibling at the family table. So it’s understandable she gravitated to the venture community, where she focuses on investing in promising tech startups.

It’s also understandable she would be attracted to Olin College, a disruptive educational startup that she already had her eye on when she agreed to join its President’s Council advisory board.

As her relationship with Olin deepened, she saw more and more to be excited about—the amazing students, the mission to revitalize engineering education and especially the commitment to bringing more women into STEM careers.

“As an entrepreneur and an innovator, having a front row seat on one of the world’s most interesting efforts to innovate engineering education is a tremendous opportunity and I’m thrilled to be able to watch that movie live and contribute in ways that make sense,” she says.

In addition to serving on the PC, she is working to raise the visibility of Olin in the Boston tech community. She devotes time to speaking with student groups about the tech scene, and helps students and alumni connect up with job opportunities. She’s also a generous and consistent donor to Olin.

“My giving stems from an interest in broadening the reach of this innovation in engineering education and helping to advance the conversation about ways to bring more women into technology careers,” Stata says. “The student body at Olin approaches 50 percent women.
That alone makes it very inspiring to support.”