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C.O.M.E.T.S. Awards

In the course of our educational journey, we sometimes encounter people who make a profound impact on us. It can happen through a particular approach, or a singular act or gesture, or in a more general way—as a mentor or a figure of influence. Whether this person is a role model for academic achievement or personal conduct, or someone who has lent support at a crucial moment, these are unforgettable people who have helped us become who we are.

COMETS stands for Celebrate Olin Mentors, Engineers, Teachers and Staff. It’s a program that enables anyone in the Olin community to recognize faculty, staff or other mentors and educators who have contributed to making a student or colleague’s experience here at Olin an exceptional one.

When making a COMETS recognition donors indicate the award amount and can, if they wish, include a written component, describing the COMETS award recipient and/or the reasons for their selection. The recipient is presented with a formal certificate, which includes the donor’s name and the written composition. (The amount of the COMETS gift is confidential.)

Donors can recognize as many people as they wish by selecting the quantity of COMETS on the Give a COMETS page.

Make a COMETS Award Online

When a COMETS inspiration strikes, making it “official” is very easy. Just visit our Give a COMETS page—the form is simple and the process only takes a minute or two.

Alumni note: While a COMETS gift does count toward participation, it does not count toward a pledge payment, if the pledge has been designated toward a class gift or another restricted designation.

For more information, please contact the Development Office.